The Humble Wife – 15

Arah dhik dhikii tham
Arah dhak dhakii tham
Arah dhom dhomii tham
Arah dhim dhimii tham
Arah dhyam dhyamii tham

The Lady honouring The Lord in their language

A – as u in uncle
Aa – as a in father
I – as i in milk
Ii – as ee in peel
O – as o in on
Th – as th in think
Dh – as th in they
Others pronounced as in English

Ar – You
Ara – You (Object)
Aram – Of you or Your (Humble)
Araam – Of you or Your (Dominant)
Arak – To you
Arah – You are (State of being something, not to be confused with “you are” with verbs)

Th – I
Tha – Me
Tham – Of me or My (Humble)
Thaam – Of me or My (Dominant)
Thak – To me
Thah – I am

Dhik – father
Dhikii – mother

Dhak – brother
Dhakii – sister

Dhom – uncle father side
Dhomii – aunt father side

Dhim – uncle mother side
Dhimii – aunt mother side

Dhyam – lord or husband
Dhyamii – lady or wife

In English

You are my father and mother
You are my brother and sister
You are my uncle and aunt
(Father’s side)
You are my uncle and aunt
(Mother’s side)
You are my lord and lady

By these lines she calls her husband as her whole family.

Thank You

Hello, dear brothers and sisters,

I would like to THANK YOU ALL for spending your valuable time in reading and liking my poems.
If you have some more time to spend. Can I know what you think about the “THE HUMBLE WIFE” poems.


The Humble Wife – 14

“O my lord
Where are you?”

The lady searched,
Her dear lord.

Here and there,
And everywhere.

But found him,
At nowhere.

She heard the voice,
Of her lord.

It came out,
from somewhere.

“O my lady,
What are you doing?

Stop searching me,
Out of you.

Search for me,
Inside of you.

As you are me,
And you know it.”

– The Lord is in The Lady

The Humble Wife – 13

I am the mount,
Just standing still,
Always here.

You are the river that,
Reach to the people,
Here and there.

They know you more,
Than they know me,
For years now.

They live by your side,
From days old,
Till the present day.

They love you both,
As river and rain,
They call you mother.

You leave me here,
To visit your children,
And come back again.

– The Lord continues honouring The Lady

The Humble Wife – 12

Once the lady left,
After witnessing,
The lord’s great form.

The lord stood there,
And thought of her,
And praised her.

“O great lady,
You are a mystery,
O arcane one.

You made me take,
This great form and,
I took it as you said.

I told you,
The things that you,
Told me before.

You made me lord,
Of this place,
And of yourself.

Now you act as if,
You know nothing,
About this thing.

You are the queen,
And the mother,
Of me and others.

Yet you bow down to me,
And submit to me,
When I should do that”

– The Lord reveals The Lady’s other side

The Humble Wife – 11

A few days later,
The Lady feels pain,
Between her breasts.

A stalk came out,
Then an olive,
Emerged on it.

The Lord spoke,
“It is a sign,
That you are fertile.

It will drop and grow,
Into a tree on the day,
We have union.

The tree and child,
Will grow together,
Under your care.”

– The Lady is Fertile

The Humble Wife – 10

“O great lady,
I am very much pleased,
By your love to me.

From now onwards,
I will act,
Only through you.

I am your lord and,
The king of all,
Those dwelling here.

I am their king,
And you their mother,
On behalf of me.

The Lady accepts,
Her role given,
By her lord.

She bows down again,
And walks back calm,
To her chamber.

There she finds,
A large spider,
On her bed.

She gets scared and,
Screams out loud,
But no one comes.

The creature jumps,
On to her waist,
And crawls all around.

The Lord acts through her,
She finds courage and,
Fear turns to love.

Carries the creature.
In her hand,
She kiss it hard.

As she is now,
The mother of all,
Living there.

– The Lord acts through The Lady

The Humble Wife – 09

The lord called the Lady,
She walked to him,
With head bowed down.

The lord grew in size,
To that of a mount,
Dozen miles high.

She knew not what to do,
At seeing him as such,
She prostrated right there.

She heard his voice,
That thundered,
From way up there,

“Rise up dear
O my lady and
Listen to me

I am the mount,
That you see now,
And you a river,

That start from
my head and flow,
Down to my feet.

I am your sun,
That takes you up,
From sea to sky.

You come back to me,
To your lord,
To whom you belong.

But remember my lady,
You are me,
My female form.

You are as strong as me,
You are as wise as me,
You are as caring as me.

I don’t understand one thing,
I never treat you low,
I think of you as me.

Why do you submit,
Yourself to me,
When you don’t need to.”

The Lady replied back,
In her usual humble way,
With bowed down head.

“Because I love you,
In the most deepest way,
I express it this way.”

– The Lord speaks to The Lady

The Humble Wife – 08

You are to me,
What the sun is to earth.

I get all that I need,
From you and only you.

I spend my life,
All around you.

If you leave me lord,
I will be nothing.

And be destroyed by,
Some unknown reason.

Just as earth be shattered,
By a colliding planet.

If her sun casts,
Her away from his realm.

– The Lady continues honouring Her Lord

(No male domination
It is simply the love of a lady towards her Lord)

The Humble Wife – 07

O my lord,
I bow down to you again.

You are all,
That I know.

You are my lord as,
You rule over me.

You are my master as,
You guide me.

You are my mother as,
You feed me.

You are my father as,
You protect me.

You are my husband as,
You love me.

– The Lady honours Her Lord

(No male domination
It is simply the love of a lady towards her Lord)