The Humble Wife – 21

“O great lord,
Of me and others.

I know me,
By knowing you.

I see what,
Your eyes see.

I hear what,
Your ears hear.

I smell what,
Your nose smell.

I feel what,
Your body feel.

I think what,
Your mind thinks.

I am what,
You are now.

I know that,
Its same for you.”

– The Lady speaks about Her Oneness with The Lord and of The Oneness of The Lord with Her


The Humble Wife – 20

The teacher is,
A bridge between,
Known and unknown.

The student is,
A traveller that walks,
Over the bridge.

The bridge is in,
Constant touch of,
Both the sides.

The teacher is,
Aware of both,
Known and unknown.

The student is only,
At one place,
In a given time.

Either this or that,
Or in between,
Not both at once.

The teacher feeds,
Her student with,
Knowledge similar to,

The way mother feeds,
Her dear child with,
Milk of her breasts.

– The Lord and The Lady are teacher to each other

The Humble Wife – 19

The lord and lady,
They are one not two.

Two aspects of,
One same thing.

The yin and yang,
In all things here.

You and me,
And all around.

The balance of them,
Runs all well.

Heat and cold,
Dark and light.

Static and dynamic,
Sound and silence.

Plus and minus,
North and south.

Zero and one,
One and many.

Point and sphere,
Straight and curved.

This and that,
Here and there.

Then and now,
Up and down.

– The girl explains more

The Humble Wife – 18

A boy asks his girl,
Who has known,
The Lord and Lady.

“O my beloved,
Tell me the way,
To know them both.”

The girl smiles back,
And looks at him,
She replies him.

“I saw the Lord,
In my father,
When I was a kid.

At the same age,
I saw the lady,
In my mother.

Later I saw both,
The Lord and Lady,
In my father.

At other times,
I saw them both,
In my mother.

Then I discovered,
The lady in me,
As never before.

Now I find them,
Both right here,
Inside of me.”

– A girl discovers The Lord and The Lady in things in and around her.

The Humble Wife – 17

Tharak luva
Tharak vrahki
Ba thara wandha

The Lady speaks about Her Love

In this language, if sentence contains a subject in pure form, instead of the subject + is or subject + are form, then the object, possessive and dative are written after the subject. Both the words merge to form a single word.

Th – I
Arak – To you
Ara – You (Object)
Luva – Bow
Vrahki – Submit
Wandha – Love (Verb)
Ba – Because or As

As Th is a pure subject, Arak and Ara are written after it. They both merge to form a single word.

In English

I bow to you
I submit to you
Because I love you

The Humble Wife – 15

Arah dhik dhikii tham
Arah dhak dhakii tham
Arah dhom dhomii tham
Arah dhim dhimii tham
Arah dhyam dhyamii tham

The Lady honouring The Lord in their language

A – as u in uncle
Aa – as a in father
I – as i in milk
Ii – as ee in peel
O – as o in on
Th – as th in think
Dh – as th in they
Others pronounced as in English

Ar – You
Ara – You (Object)
Aram – Of you or Your (Humble)
Araam – Of you or Your (Dominant)
Arak – To you
Arah – You are (State of being something, not to be confused with “you are” with verbs)

Th – I
Tha – Me
Tham – Of me or My (Humble)
Thaam – Of me or My (Dominant)
Thak – To me
Thah – I am

Dhik – father
Dhikii – mother

Dhak – brother
Dhakii – sister

Dhom – uncle father side
Dhomii – aunt father side

Dhim – uncle mother side
Dhimii – aunt mother side

Dhyam – lord or husband
Dhyamii – lady or wife

In English

You are my father and mother
You are my brother and sister
You are my uncle and aunt
(Father’s side)
You are my uncle and aunt
(Mother’s side)
You are my lord and lady

By these lines she calls her husband as her whole family.

Thank You

Hello, dear brothers and sisters,

I would like to THANK YOU ALL for spending your valuable time in reading and liking my poems.
If you have some more time to spend. Can I know what you think about the “THE HUMBLE WIFE” poems.


The Humble Wife – 14

“O my lord
Where are you?”

The lady searched,
Her dear lord.

Here and there,
And everywhere.

But found him,
At nowhere.

She heard the voice,
Of her lord.

It came out,
from somewhere.

“O my lady,
What are you doing?

Stop searching me,
Out of you.

Search for me,
Inside of you.

As you are me,
And you know it.”

– The Lord is in The Lady

The Humble Wife – 13

I am the mount,
Just standing still,
Always here.

You are the river that,
Reach to the people,
Here and there.

They know you more,
Than they know me,
For years now.

They live by your side,
From days old,
Till the present day.

They love you both,
As river and rain,
They call you mother.

You leave me here,
To visit your children,
And come back again.

– The Lord continues honouring The Lady