The Newly Wed – 04

Now, at last, she spoke,
“Let’s leave” she said.

He knows that these are,
His last days here.

It was time to,
Leave the forest.

And to enter the village,
Once again.

She came here to take him,
To where he belongs.

He and she are,
Supposed to be.

The king and queen,
And father and mother.

Of all the lands around,
And all the people there.

At last, they left,
To begin, a new chapter.

The End


The Newly Wed – 03

They both walked,
Until dawn.

They reached home,
Holding hands.

He turned around,
Looked at her.

She looked down,
Filled with shyness.

He touched her chin,
And raised her head.

Kissed her forehead,
To respect her intellect.

Grabbed her hands,
And kissed them both.

To honour all her,
Physical abilities.

He kissed over her,
Vagina and breasts.

Recognising her,
Biological creativity.

Finally he hugged her,
As tight as possible.

He made her his,
He become hers.

The clouds gathered,
Showered upon them.

To be continued

The Newly Wed – 02

He saw,
She saw.

She exhaled,
He inhaled.

He touched,
She felt.

He walked,
She followed.

The lady who had spent her whole life on the finest furnitures in the village was now seated on the uneven rough clay floor, looking down, wondering about the incidents since she left home till now.

Suddenly she heard footsteps and turned towards the door. It was him. He stopped as he saw her. She stood up. They didn’t yet speak a word from the time they met. All happened as if someone had choreographed.

Last night, he saw her at the same moment that she saw him. They both walked towards each other. Eyes looking into each other, deeply locked, in love, in excitement, in all kinds of emotions.

They walked until their faces were mere two inches apart. They were of the same height. Her breath touched his lips, and his touched hers. The air released from cells all over her body touched his lips and some of it entered his lungs, his blood and all over his body. The same happened to her.

They remained still for a long time, an hour, or two. A meditation indeed. At last, he gently held her left wrist with his right hand, she didn’t oppose him. They felt each other. He pulled her lightly and she moved. He turned around, and stood next to her, the entire outside of his right arm touched her left. 

He started to walk, she followed.

To be continued

The Newly Wed – 01

He left all,
He roamed alone.

She heard it,
She searched him.

They both met,
They got married.

It was evening, the setting sun was touching the horizon, partially covered by the clouds that remained after the strong rains that had ceased just an hour ago.

He was standing on the third step, the granite steps leading down to the river, that was built centuries ago, but still standing against the strong current of the river. The river, it was almost dried up the day before, except for the few deep places here and there, that had some water, but it was all still, there was no movement, except for the occasional ripple when a leaf from a near by tree fell into the water, or the tiny waves that formed when a strong wind blew over the water surface.

Now, the water was flowing turbulently, and had filled up to the second step. He kept looking at flowing water. The cold wind passed touching his skin. He didn’t care about it, except for occasionally adjusting his robe. He is a monk, in his own way. The wind and the river is not new to him. He had been living in this forest for the past fifteen years. He left the village when he was fifteen. From that day the forest had been his home. No one came this far into the forest, and he met no human being for the past fifteen years, but all that changed the previous night. That was when he met her.

She was five years younger to him. She had never seen him until that day. She was the daughter of the village head. He was the son of a farmer. She heard his story from one of her friends, a few days after he left. No one dared to venture deep into the forest beyond a limit. There were many legends about strange creatures living deep in that forest. All the villagers, including his parents and relatives and close friends concluded that he was dead. But she firmly believed that he was still alive. She wanted to get into the forest and meet him. She didn’t know why these thoughts came to her, but she was unable to resist it. The urge to meet him grew with each passing year. And she reached the limit of her self control when she turned twenty five. On her birthday night, she left home and walked into the forest, all alone.

They met and got married. It happened too fast. Both of them had no intention of getting married, until they saw each other, that night, under the full moon light. And by morning they were married. And the sky opened ending a long drought as he took her to his lonely abode.

To be continued

The Lady

She is the Lady,
The one who,
Submits to her Lord,
And serves him well.

In a way,
She is the lord herself,
As she carries him,
In her thought always.

She is the mount,
On which they,
Love and play,
Dance and sing.

And she is all the plants,
That grows there,
And all the animals,
That roams around.

She is the river that flows,
Out of the mount,
And she is the sea,
On to which it dissolves.

To be Reborn

When I got married,
I am reborn again,
As a daughter,
To a new father,
And a mother,
But both are,
The same person,
Who is my husband,
And me his wife.

He is my father,
When he provides,
And protects me,
He is my mother,
When he takes care,
Of all my needs,
Both mental,
And Physical,
He is my husband,
When he loves me,
In all ways possible.

  – The Words of A Wife

(A Fictional Poem)

Bees and The Flower

“My bees are to,
Reach your flower,
Late tonight”

Said the man,
The husband,
To the lady.

Whom he had,
Made his wife,
Just minutes ago.

Later that day,
The lady on bed,
Seated all alone,

Looked between,
Her legs and,
To her womb she spoke.

“Today you find,
Meaning and purpose,
To your existence.

As his bees,
Are about to,
Reach you shortly”