The Lady serves Her Lord.
In the form of a male.

The Lady does everything,
There was no questioning.

They looked into each other,
After many ages.

The lord calls His Lady,
After such a long time.

She now tries to remember,
All that happen before.

– The Lord reminds the past to The Lady

“From now on this is my room” she said and sat on the bed.

“And this is my bed” she said and laid down on it.

After few minutes, she told “sleep on the floor till we get married.”

“Did she just propose to me” I kept thinking about it for some time and then fell asleep.

That night I slept on the floor and she on the bed. I could have opposed and slept on the bed. But a voice in my head kept telling me that I should keep her happy.

The next day. I felt something on my chest and woke up, she was seated on the bed, the time was 5.30, I usually woke up at 6.30

I closed my eyes again. She hit my chest again, slowly with her foot.

“Girls in this part of the world are supposed to wake up before sunrise” she said with a smile.

I got up.

“Take a bath, go to the kitchen and bring me a tumbler of warm milk.”

I did as she said, there was no reason to oppose as I found joy in serving her. I went and came back with milk and a piece of sweet. 

By the time I returned, she had taken a bath and changed into another dress and was seated on the bed.

I walked towards her. I held the tray with both of my hands. One on each side. I extended the tray when I reached her. She grabbed my right hand at the wrist and made me sit by her side.

She took two sips of the milk and gave me the tumbler. I was confused but took the tumbler from her hand. Now I was holding the tray with my left hand only. She placed her right hand fingers under my wrist and pushed my hand up until the tumbler reached my lips.

“Drink it” she said softly.
All sorts of thoughts ran in my mind. “Have I made any mistake? Have I forgot to add sugar? I took a sip. It was fine, at least for me it was fine. She gestured with her face asking me to take another sip. I did as said. Then she grabbed the tumbler from my hand and took two more sips and returned the tumbler to me. Now I know what to do. Together we finished the milk by taking turns.

She took the sweet, bit it in half and ate it, she placed the other half on her tongue and gestured me to take it with my mouth.

I took it, and ate it. Then she got up and made me stand as well. She came close to me and held me by the waist, it was just a touch for her, for me it was like an electric shock. And she said “My girl” with her usual smile. Her words mesmerized me. I was in a hypnotic state looking into her eyes. Suddenly I felt as if I am a girl, I didn’t know how it feels to be a girl, how could I know, but that is the only way I could explain my mental state at that moment.

In a few more minutes I forgot my gender as well as hers and felt like getting dissolved into her. From the look of her eyes, I knew she too felt the same. Both of us were getting dissolved into each other.

Suddenly the tray slip from my hand and fell on the floor. The noice brought us back to the senses. I was now aware of our posture. I got excited and touched her waist.

“Do you remember my lady” she asked. “My lady?” It felt as if I had herd that term before, but where? Who could have called me My Lady? 

To be continued


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